Cityguide is a presentation which, in an elegant manner, reaches hundreds of potential guests each day. We have created a network of information stands, which arouse curiosity by its aestheticness and unique outlook.

Zakopane and Podhale are the most frequently chosen destinations by tourists. It alures guests with Giewont Top and Krupówki Street. There are enough attractions here to ensure that everyone will find something fun to do for themselves. You can easily find a wandering tourist who is looking for things to do. Cityguide was created precisely so that a person looking for activities, can find all the necessary information in one place.

To meet the demand for tourist information - Cityguide Is presented in Polish and English. On the counter displays you can find categorized offers and thanks to that, the stands look very elegant and professional. Cards placed on these stands are small, which makes it easy to maintain them and provide all the necessary information to guest so that they can find an attraction or service suitable.

Cityguide displays are located in highly accessible places for tourists, which makes it possible for the attractions to reach approximately 20 000 potential visitors per month. By creating an innovative information system, we can keep a regional theme, which also increases the curiosity and catches the eye of potential clients.

Tourists are important to us! We runs our business by knowing what the people want. We know how to succeed.

Cityguide Podhale

phone: 692 849 611